Verizon customer service

Verizon Communications – American telecommunications company. The company’s headquarters is located in Manhattan, in New York, but is registered in Delaware. In 2016 it is the largest telecommunications company in the US by market capitalization and the second largest in the world (after China Mobile). Services are distributed throughout the United States and 150 other countries. The number of employees of the company employs about 180 thousand people. The current president is Lawrence Babb.

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Geico customer service

GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company) is the second largest company for car insurance in the United States. GEICO carries out its work in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

GEICO began its history back to 1936, when the insurance company manager for US troops USAA Leo Goodwin and his wife Lillian decided to create their own company selling automobile insurance. The target audience Goodwin chose the civil servants and their families – at the time a very profitable segment of the market and stable source of income with very high salaries. Based on these consumers it was given the name, even though it had nothing with the state and government services.

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irs gov

Internal Revenue Service – the public agency of the Federal Government of the United States, which is engaged in the collection of taxes, and monitors compliance with the taxation legislation.

American historian Elliott Brownlee (Elliot Brownlee), author of the book “Federal Taxes in America. A Brief History ยป, came to the conclusion that there were four turning points in the history of American taxation – Civil War, World War I,” the Great Depression “and “World War II”. In all these cases, the authorities were forced to create a fundamentally new tax regime. Joseph Thorndike, editor of the analytical portal tax Tax Analysts, noted that taxes do not change by themselves – they are the result of society and can only change with it. Changes may occur in other cases – for example, if any taxes for some reason cease to generate income to the state.

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